Friday, April 11, 2014

5 Things Friday

I'm just going to jump right in today! Happy Friday to everyone!!

No sleeping in for me tomorrow-race day!!

#1-Chimps escaped at the Kansas City Zoo!!! I love the description by the zoo director. It is a pretty funny story since no one was hurt. One of them, he said, either found or broke off a 5- or 6-foot log or branch, leaned it against a wall and clambered to the top. Then that chimpanzee — the “ringleader,” Wisthoff called him — persuaded six friends to join him.

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#2-I went to a 1960's movie theater last night with some girl friends to see Divergent.  The movie was pretty good and I felt like it was very close to the book.  The best part was the theater though.  We were the only ones there, so we felt like total VIPs!

#3-Since I went to the movie at 7:00 last night, I had popcorn for dinner.  I was still a little hungry when I came home, so I made some veggies and called it good.  Healthy Weights from Green Giant is my favorite frozen veggie pack to throw in the microwave for a quick side...or dinner. 

#4-Yesterday was National Sibling Day.  I had no idea and I think it is probably a Facebook holiday, but I will still celebrate.  I love my brother and sister, so I made a little collage from various trips and fun times. 

#5-One more weird, but true story...Would you go to a bar that used to be a morgue?  One Key West bar still has bodies buried underneath!  It actually looks like a cool spot.

Did you celebrate National Sibling Day?
What are your weekend plans?

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