Thursday, April 10, 2014

Porch Sittin'

Doin' a little porch sittin on a fine Wednesday my best Texas accent!  After my 4 mile run yesterday, I decided to sit on our porch and enjoy the 75 degree weather.

The animals decided to join me too. Porter was ridiculous trying to get up on the glider. Apparently it was very scary until he realized he could just step up instead of jumping. 

Once he got settled, the cat came out to join us. He is such a good gardener!!  It's a good thing I haven't planted anything!

Followed by some rolling in the sun...

We all enjoyed the great weather until it was time for me to head to volleyball. After or 3 games, we headed to grab a few drinks as a team. 

It is definitely starting to feel like spring is here to stay. Warm weather, lots of outside time and fun with friends! 

Have you had nice weather? How have you been enjoying it? 

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