Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Salad, Sand, Sunset, and Sister

Lots of S's from yesterday and today.

Dinner last night consisted of a Dole chopped salad mix-bacon and blue cheese. It was just okay. They make a chipotle one that is really good, so I was a little disappointed. 

After dinner, I headed out to sub for a sand volleyball team. It was a chilly night and the team we were supposed to play at 7:30 didn't show. Whomp, whomp!! We made due with some beers and then played our 8:30 games. 

While we were drinking I noticed the beautiful sunset and had to snap a quick pic.  

Today is a very special's my sister's birthday!!! I will have to celebrate with her when I go to Texas to visit my family for Easter!! 

Do you play outdoor sports? Other than running?

What is your favorite salad? I love Dole's premixed salads for a quick meal without any thought and effort. They even include dressing!! 

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