Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone!! This week for Treat Yourself Tuesday, I have a few fun things to share with you. If you haven't heard of TYT, head over to Olives 'n Wine to check out her fantastic blog and read why it is so important to treat yourself!!
#1-I got an email about Fabletics.  It is from the JustFab group and works the same way.  You setup a profile, a group of personalized looks is generated for you to choose from, and then you shop away.  Your first outfit (2-3 pieces) starts at $25 + free shipping!!!  I got this adorable outfit yesterday.

#2-This may seem silly, but it is a rare treat for me.  I go to bed at 11pm pretty much every night during the week and then various later times on the weekend.  Saturday and Sunday nights I went to sleep super early.  I had to be up at 4:50am for my Sunday race which is the main reason for the early bed times.  I felt great when I woke up on Monday morning.  Nice way to start the week!

#3-I am treating myself to a half day on Friday.  I have the Rock the Parkway half marathon on Saturday, so I am taking a half day to relax and enjoy the expo.  Plus, half days on Friday's are the best!  Starting the weekend off early!!

Last night I decided to bike instead of run. I pushed pretty hard in the race on Sunday so biking is a good recovery. One thing I figured out is that no matter how cute the top, bike shorts will never look good. 

After an hour on the bike, I took the puppy out for a mile and a half walk. He loves walks!! Then it was time to make dinner. Chicken gyros were on the menu. Delicious and super easy. I marinated chicken in garlic olive oil, curry powder, salt, pepper and saffron. Then I sautéed it and mixed hummus, skinnytaste tzatziki sauce, and some apple slices into a mixture to stuff in a whole wheat pita. 

After dinner we settled in to watch the NCAA basketball championship and relax before bed. 

How will you treat yourself this week? 


  1. I think going to bed early is the ultimate way to treat yourself! I've been having sleep issues lately because I keep going to bed WAAAY later than planned, and then I am totally kicking myself the next morning. Hope your race went well!

    1. Thanks girl! Last weekend's race was great and I am hoping for a good one this weekend.

      I'm so glad other people think sleep is a treat as well!! :)

    2. Wow, two races, two weekends in a row! That's awesome!

  2. I agree with Marnie. Bring on the early bird sleepers :)

  3. My favorite thing to do is to go to bed early - I'm such a nerd! I also love half day Fridays :) Enjoy your early start to the weekend!