Thursday, April 17, 2014

5 Things Friday

Happy Good Friday!! I hope most people have the day off and a long weekend. 

It's time for 5 random things. 

#1- My mom made these cute apothecary jars with all of our initials and established dates. This year it has my soon to be initial and est 2014. I love it and such a cute addition to her table scape!!

#2- Last night I went out with the family for some beers and burgers. I got a beer pic, but none of my delicious burger. Patty stuffed with pepper jack on a jalapeƱo bun with jalapeƱos and a salsa on top. Delicious!!

#3- All of my race photos were terrible!! I look slow and in pain. Which I was, but normally I can fake it when I see the photographer!! Hey, still happy I did it and finished!! I managed to smile in this one. :)

#4- They caught a suspect for the Kansas City highway shooter!! Yay!! Some jerk has been shooting at cars on a busy highway in KC. He had only injured people, but it still makes everyone nervous while driving!!

#5- Last, but certainly not last-I found this on Pinterest... The butt lamp lights up when you spank it. I laughed out loud when I came across this!!

Happy Friday!!

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