Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend Wrapup

It was a busy little vacation with lots of time spent with my family and close friends in Texas. It was a blast!!  I'm blogging from my phone at the airport on my this will be a picture heavy post. 

Activities for the weekend:
Playing golf at the driving range and my dad helped fix my swing...I did much better than a few weeks ago. 

Wine and fire pit sitting

Painting my parents shutters, front door and back doors. No pics of this because I forgot to take a before shot and I didn't want to get paint on my phone!!

One of my friends and I also ran a 5k on Saturday morning. She got 1st for the girls and I got 2nd. The benefits of running in small town tiny races!! 

Easter egg dying:

Hiding the eggs and some candy for a quick hunt:

Some people were better helpers than others:

My grandma made several pies, but my favorite was the chess pie. 

Pretty and delicious!!

I'm hoping for a little nap on the way home like these bunnies...

I'm excited to get home and relax a little before heading back to work tomorrow. 

How was your weekend?

Happy Easter!!

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