Thursday, April 17, 2014

Texas Throwback

I made it to Texas last night.  A little layover at DFW gave me a chance to have some fun conversations at the bar and enjoy a Shiner Boch.  Definitely a delicious Texas beer!!

I am staying in my parents throwback room.  I love this wall that my mom put together.  All black and white photos from everyone in our family.  Such a fun concept and I am sure it was hard to figure out how to make it all fit!

This is one of my favorites.  It is my grandmother when she was younger.  Beautiful!!!

We took several vacations where we camped and went white water rafting.  This was a blast!!!  This photo was taken the year that I fell down a mountain while I was out hiking.  I tripped coming down (shocker, I know!), and started running, but it was loose rocks.  I couldn't stop, so I grabbed a tree limb.  That took my feet out from under me and I slid down on my back for aways.  My big brother came sprinting up the mountain to rescue me.  I'm pretty sure there are pictures somewhere of my dad getting cactus out of my back.  I guess I have always been this graceful!!

If you haven't ever done white water rafting, it is a fun adventure and you should put it on your bucket list!!

What is your favorite family vacation from your childhood?

Parents where do you take your kids and family?

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  1. I love your parents' throwback room! How cool! Whitewater rafting is definitely fun...I did a trip in California awhile back and had a blast. Hmmm favorite family vacation? Our roadtrip from San Francisco to Vancouver, Canada!