Saturday, April 12, 2014

Race Recap

Well, I finished. That was the most important thing, right???

Pre race pic with my running buddy:

I was on pace for my goal of 1:50 for the first few miles. I was warned that I could rupture my Achilles tendon if I pushed too hard, so I backed off a little. Eventually I had to walk. I pushed the last mile with short strides and a little limp and I finished in 2:03. 

Here is the breakdown: 
Mile 1: 8:34
Mile 2: 8:28
Mile 3: 8:38
Mile 4: 8:24
Mile 5: 8:55
Mile 6: 8:49
Mile 7: 9:06
Mile 8: 10:56
Mile 9: 11:04
Mile 10: 10:37
Mile 11: 9:38
Mile 12: 10:12
Mile 13: 8:40

While it's not my best, these things happen. There is a difference between being sore and being injured. I probably should have skipped the race, but I didn't and had to make good choices during the race. Listening to your body is the most important thing you can do! 

After the run, I iced and ate lunch and spent some time with the pup on the porch. Thank you 80 degree weather!!!

Then I cleaned up and headed out to help Bobby's grandparent move to their new home. They had a ton of stuff for a small place, but we got them all moved in. Post move we had pizza and ice cream. I was starving so I inhaled the food with no pics. Sometimes there is no time for photos. :) 

Have you ever run when you shouldn't have? 

How did you enjoy the weekend?

***For a full recap, checkout the Race Recap tab of the blog. :)

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