Monday, April 14, 2014

Save the Date Sunday

Sore from heavy lifting and despite the rain and cold weather that moved in, we were super busy on Sunday.

After some boring stuff like laundry and cleaning, we went to check out some rental houses. Furball needs more room and a back yard, so a move is necessary!

We went to dinner with Bobby's parents and then I helped his mom make a photo book of the move for his grandparents. They lived in the same city for over 80 years so this was a big move!! Can you imagine living in the same town and pretty much the same house for that long? They seem to be happy in their new place...aren't they adorable!!

We finally got home around 9 and we had to finish save the dates.

I addressed and Bobby stuffed. 

A cocktail was necessary. Rum and diet dr pepper is a delicious combo!!

Today I will mail them out. It's official!!! Yippee!!!

What did you do over the weekend?

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