Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I'm feeling so off this week. I have no idea what day it is, but I am happy that it is almost Friday!! Since I am feeling off, today is random thought Thursday!!

#1-I'm pretty sure I am a crazy pet parent. I definitely talk to my dog and I am planning his FIRST birthday party this weekend!!  I also meet most of the 15 signs that you are obsessed with your dog from this buzzfeed article....

I mean-look at this face!  So adorable!
#2-Frozen might be my new favorite Disney movie!  When Sven gets his tongue stuck to the rail I bust out laughing every time.  The trolls and Olaf are so adorable.  There isn't anything that I don't like about this movie!  Who wouldn't want to build a snowman?!?!

#3-I really wish that I was invited to Kimye's wedding.  John Legend singing live?  And you know the fashion was insane!

Photo from E! Online

#4-I'm pretty sure I broke my finger.  I have jammed it before, but this seems worse.  Plus, it is a little numb today.  I was playing flag football and tried to catch a bad pass with my finger tip apparently.  I assumed it was jammed last night, but the swelling kept increasing as the night went on.  Probably didn't help that I played 2.5 hours of 4's sand volleyball after! Maybe I can tape it to my index finger for tonight's volleyball game...I mean-it is just my left hand.
You guys are welcome for these shots!

#5-My brother got engaged last night!!  I'm so happy for him.  We have been asking him when he was going to make it official with his girlfriend of 3 years for quite awhile now.  I LOVE her!!  She is so sweet and considerate and will make a great addition to our family!!!

#6-I had to run from flag football straight to volleyball last night, so I needed a pick me up.  I forgot how delicious an Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks can be!  So refreshing and just what I needed.

Tell me something random that you thought of today.


  1. An iced caramel macchiato is totally on my to-do list this weekend!!

    1. Totally refreshing and a great treat without too much of the calories/fat/terribleness! :)

  2. Oh that finger looks bad! :( I had an iced caramel coffee this morning. It was so yum. And I had an iced coffee and frap last weekend...These 3 "coffee splurges" were the most "coffee splurges" I've had in a year! haha

    1. I had more coffee this weekend too. We must be on the same kick. :)