Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Favorite Things Friday

Happy Friday everyone!!  As always, I'm excited for the weekend!!  Thank you Heather and Clare for hosting Friday linkups!! I decided to combo 5 Things Friday and Friday Favorites into Five Favorite Things Friday.  :)  Be sure to check out their blogs and the other links to see what people are up to this Friday.

#1-Wednesday night I met some of my favorite girls for a charity event.  Team Wally is a group that my friend put together to support her father who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  They do all kinds of events/fundraisers to raise money for the Michael J Fox Foundation.  A local Buffalo Wild Wings teamed up with the group and donated 10% of sales from the night to the foundation.  Yay for BWW and Team Wally!!  I'm so proud of my friend for stepping up and really raising awareness for Parkinson's research and being there for her dad too!

#2-I just realized that yesterday was the 100 Day Countdown to the Wedding!!!  I can't believe it is coming up so fast. I'm definitely getting excited!  2 weeks from now is my bachelorette/shower weekend.  I don't know what the girls have planned, but it is super secret! 

#3-Speaking of wedding~I'm got a trim last night and decided to go over hair ideas with my stylist on Thursday.  We narrowed it down to 3 similar but different looks.  Which do you like best??

#4-I mentioned yesterday that I have been cutting back on running.  It has allowed me to enjoy my runs more.  I took the pup for a quick 2 mile run/walk on Wednesday before I headed to Wings for Wally and volleyball.  We stopped for a quick break and photo shoot...he was not into posing!

I also snapped this pic on a lunch run on Thursday.  I saw some deer and tried to get a photo.  Not the best, but you can see a tiny brown spec in the background behind the trees.  Next time, I will actually stop running to take the picture.  :)

#5-I really like Skoop!!  I mentioned it on Treat Yourself Tuesday, but the jury was still out.  After using it all week, I am on board.  I mix a cup of almond milk with a little bit of water to thin it and add the Skoop.  The taste is growing on me.  My energy levels have been up in the mornings and the low calories make it a great breakfast addition!!


What are you loving this week?  
Any exciting weekend plans?


  1. Top left hair pic - so cute!!! :) Happy Friday. Don't forget to join my Friday Favorites link up too!!

  2. Never heard of Skoop before, but, with all the good things that it brings you, it sure makes me want to try it! My favorite hair look is the one on the bottom left. Soooo pretty! And I love your puppy's tongue on the picture! My dog is always so uninterested when I try to take our picture ;)