Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cutting back on running~

Do you ever need a break from running?  I feel like I have been cheating on running with so many other sports/activities/classes this entire year.  I usually burn out a little in the summer and cut back my runs, but this whole year I have lightened up my running routine a lot.  Since I don't have any races until October, I still get in about 3 runs each week (10-15 miles), but they are more for fun.

And guess what...  I got a PR in the 5K and Half this spring.  I did run further and get in my long runs during half training, but I think the cross training and branching out have been great for me!  So what have I been up to?

Volleyball-I play year round indoor volleyball with a group of girls.  We are mediocre at best, but always have lots of laughs while we sweat it out on the court.   I'm playing in a tournament in a couple of weeks to get ready for a session of sand volleyball with my 4's team.  It should be a fun day of volleyball!

Classes at Bar Method-I LOVE the classes.  The isometric exercises and smaller movements make my muscles shake and I love it!!  Plus, the stretching is so good!!

Indoor cycling-I bought the indoor bike trainer for colder months.  I really like getting on the bike for a ride while I watch a show.  Thank you Netflix!  I want a treadmill, but this was a MUCH cheaper alternative.

Corporate Challenge-all of the various sports in Corporate Challenge are always so fun.  I ended up participating in: the half marathon, table tennis, track (400M, 100M, long jump, Sprint Medley Relay, Mile Relay), soccer, flag football, and volleyball. This year my favorite was flag football.  The 2 days filled with sprinting and scoring were a really great time!!

At home workouts-from yoga to pyramid workouts to backyard workouts...anything to get in a little exercise at home.  I did this new pyramid (technically half pyramid) workout when I only had 15 minutes of free time one night.  It is a good and quick way to get your heart rate up and would be killer to go 100 to 10 and then 10 back to 100.

I have also been enjoying lighter runs/walks with the pup and sometimes we let Bobby come along too.  There is no pressure...just making sure the dog doesn't overheat.

What is your favorite non-running exercise?  
Do you take breaks from running? 

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  1. Isn't it great that when you scale back on the running, sometimes you actually run faster?

    I have an indoor spin bike too, and I love it. And I love watching movies while I ride!

    1. Movies are a brilliant idea! I def will be doing that soon. :)

  2. I always think that it's a great idea to spread your fitness focus across a few different areas instead of concentrating on one thing -- it keeps things more interesting and keeps your body guessing as well :) Right now I've really been loving biking, as well as hiking the trails out in our river valley.

    1. Hiking is so fun! I wish Kansas City had hiking options!!

  3. Oh it's DEFINITELY a good idea to scale back on running every once in a while! Especially if you are not loving it at the moment! haha I think it really helps you, your motivation, your body, and your future running, when you take a break and do something else you love. It helps keep you loving to workout.