Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sharp Objects Book Review

I finished Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects this weekend.  Gillian Flynn is also the author of Gone Girl (which I really enjoyed), so I had very high expectations for Sharp Objects.

This was a very interesting and different book.  Camille Preaker is a vulnerable and damaged woman who is sent to her hometown to write about the murders of 2 young girls.  The book takes you on Camille's journey of confronting her past while trying to discover what happened to the girls.

1-Suspenseful page turner that you don't want to put down.  I love books that keep me on edge and interested throughout the entire book.
2-Very interesting characters.  The characters are so disturbing that it makes you worry a little bit about society.  Camille has a distant and mean mother, a very odd stepfather and a younger sister in the book whose actions are like Mean Girls times 10.   It makes me feel bad for teenagers today!
3-A gripping look at how mental abuse can affect a person.  They address very real social issues.  One of which is abuse and how it affects a person as they grow up.

1-I didn't think it was as surprising as Gone Girl.  A lot of the twists and turns in Gone Girl were not things that I saw coming.  This book was a little more predictable, with a few surprises mixed in.
2-Camille is not your typical protagonist.  She is very damaged and at times you don't like her actions and choices. 
3-If you don't like dark novels, this won't be for you.  The subjects addressed are heavy and depressing.  I personally expected this after reading Gone Girl, but just a warning for readers. :)

Next up, I am going to try Dark Places to complete the Gillian Flynn novels.  Other books on my list to read:
The Maze Runner Trilogy-I really liked Hunger Games and Divergent and I heard this trilogy is similar.
The Husband's Secret
Where'd You Go Bernadette?

Any other must reads that I need to add to my list?

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