Monday, July 14, 2014

Low Key Weekend

We had a fantastic low key weekend.  It was nice to relax and spend some downtime at home.  I picked up my friend's dog on Friday afternoon and took him to our place to play with Porter.  They were already worn out when I got home from lunch.

They quickly recovered and wanted lots of attention.

Followed by some play time.

The pups have had a great time playing all weekend, but both seem pretty worn out and ready to recover this week.  :)

Bobby and I grilled out on Friday night and had a relaxing night of patio sitting and movie watching.  Well, he watched World War Z and I ready my book.  World War Z was a little to gory for me!  Lots of Zombie killing!

Saturday morning started with a run.  I went 5 miles and Bobby went 4.  We got a late start, so it was a little hot, but we managed!!  After the run, we got ready and headed to a winery to check out a band that is led by one of our marriage mentors. 

We invited Andrea and Billy along for the fun!

Missouri wine is known for being super sweet, but great for a HOT day. We all shared a few bottles and enjoyed the band.

It was all original music and a really fun vibe!!

All in all it was a great day, but after a few hours...the heat was getting to us!  Of to a great dinner of Mexican food.  We were all so hungry that I took zero pics of dinner.

Sunday was filled with errands, yardwork, and all that boring stuff that is necessary for meal planning/prep and having a clean and presentable home.  It's amazing how much more fur and dirt comes from 2 dogs instead of 1!!

What are some highlights from your weekend??

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