Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weekly Eats and Workouts

I haven't done a weekly workout and food post in awhile, so I thought I would share this week so far. 

Sunday, Bobby and I had salads for lunch after a little run/walk with the pup. I'm still loving the Charity Miles app. If you're not using it, check out what it's all about here

Then we went out to North Italian Restaurant for dinner to celebrate my friends birthday. I had the strozzapreti. It was amazing!! I order it every time I go to North. 

Monday's workout was a 4 miler followed by walking around the farmers market. Post run beer and shot of ice cream at the market.  I can't turn down free ice cream!

Then I made a sriracha chicken with brown rice and edamame for dinner. I don't really use a recipe on the sriracha chicken-soy sauce, sriracha, sweet chile sauce, and a little sesame oil. 

Tuesday night-I ran 3 miles and the took the pup out for a 1 mile walk. I made time to stop for a sweaty selfie after my run. :)

Then I grabbed a Mean and Clean juice from an awesome local spot that makes teas, smoothies, and juices called This juice has apple, ginger, carrot, orange and lemon. Soooooo tasty and refreshing!!

Stuffed poblano peppers for dinner-taco meat, beans and cheese-easy peasy! Not to mention filling and tasty!!

To round out the beautiful evening, we played a little frisbee with Porter. That is until he decided he wanted to roll around with his bone instead. Silly pup!

Planned workouts for the rest of the week:
Wednesday-lower body toning workout plus indoor volleyball
Thursday-2 games of 4s sand volleyball
Saturday-strength full body workout with Bobby
Sunday-5 or 6 mile run

Tell me about your workouts and eats this week. 

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  1. Free ice cream? I don't think I could have turned it down, either!