Thursday, August 14, 2014


Confession. My last confession post was back in May.  It also happens to be my only other confession post.  Fail! 

Confession.  Just a few weeks ago, I said I was cutting back on running.  I have run almost every day this week.  No far, but that seems like the opposite of cutting back!  The weather has been too nice to resist!  Under 80 degrees in August?!?!  Unheard of in the midwest!

Apparently, this is a game for Android-source

Confession. I signed up for another Stitch Fix to come in September.  I had so much fun with the first one, I wanted another box sent as soon as possible!  I wonder if this is why they call it a "fix"??!!??


Confession.  I fell getting a ball at volleyball and landed right on my butt. Right side and felt like a dead leg. Now I can't sit down. I even checked in the mirror to see if it bruised yet...not yet, but I'll check again tomorrow.

Confession. This happened on my way home from volleyball. 

I forgot to renew my tags in July. My bad!!! Honestly, I would almost have rather gotten a ticket than listed to his lecture!

Those are my confessions for the day. Tell me one confession. 

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