Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites-10/17

I am back for a regular Friday Favorites post today.  I'm linking up with the HeatherKatie, and Clare for Five Things Friday/Friday Favorites! Check out their great blogs for the fun linkups!!  As always, thank you ladies for hosting!  

Favorites for this week...and every week until the World Series is over...The KC Royals!  My boss let us off early on Wednesday to watch Game 4 of the American League Championship Series.  It has been so exciting to watch the Royals play and win.  Side note-Game 4 of the World Series is our wedding day.  Ahh!  There is no cable in the venue space, but there is a restaurant and bar downstairs with tv's.  I have a feeling there will be some running back and forth to see the score and the DJ will be announcing updates throughout the reception.  

Moving coworker brought in these adorable cookies for bosses day on Thursday. Vanilla wafers, Thin Mints, icing an sesame seeds make for a cute and delicious treat!  She said they are super easy, but tedious when you make a ton.  I told her that she should have drank wine while making them...I feel this should be a rule anytime you are making food for a group of people!

Tonight, Bobby and I are trying a new restaurant called 801 Fish.  It is a somewhat new restaurant from an Iowa based restaurant group that has expanded in the Midwest.  The reviews are awesome and it will be a nice and light way to fuel for my half marathon tomorrow!!  Plus, it will be nice to have a date night with my main man!

I can't get over how pretty the fall leaves are right now.  I feel like they turn a blah yellow and then beautiful reds and oranges.  This landscape is from my work parking lot.  It makes me smile to walk out to the beautiful fall scenery!  Our trees (which produce an insane amount of leaves) are turning red now too.  I love pulling up to our driveway and seeing the red trees overhead. 

Speaking of awesome fall things, my future mother in law brought us a bunch of apples from a local orchard last week.  I used a lot of them in my apple crisps for the pumpkin decorating party.  I have been enjoying the rest with peanut butter for breakfast.  I can't get enough of apples!!

Reusing this pic because I inhale the apple and peanut butter each morning before I can take a picture.

Last, but not least and not really a favorite...
If you are selling something, you should definitely come to my door.  I was home alone on Sunday and a boy scout-looking adorable in uniform-came to the door selling popcorn.  Guess who caved and bought at $25 bag of chocolate popcorn...this girl!!  I literally can't say no when a kid comes up to me selling something.  I hope this popcorn is delicious....oh and I am glad that I can help a good cause and all that stuff too. :)

I think ending on this cute penguin eating popcorn is a good way to send you great peeps off into the weekend!  What are you weekend plans?

Can you say no to people?  In general or who are trying to sell you stuff?


  1. First off, those burger cookies?...I just...I can't...they're too cute! And I managed to score a GIANT bag of kettlecorn today from the local craft fair festival. Quite proud of myself. Popcorn love!

  2. Wow, that burger cookie really is adorable! And I totally support your wine recommendation...that always makes any crafting or baking experience more enjoyable!