Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Final Wedding Recap-Ceremony and Reception

Merry Christmas Eve!!!  I'm bringing you my final wedding recap (2 months post wedding) today.  It's actually pretty good timing since weddings are a time with friends and family and so is Christmas!  If you missed my first recaps you can find them here and here and here

I pretty much cried with joy from the reveal through the ceremony-getting it together to say my vows.  I don't think the giant smile ever left my face throughout the entire day!

I was so happy that my grandparents made it to the wedding and walked down the isle during the ceremony.  I had my brother walk them down and it was so special for them to be honored and to start off the ceremony. 

My brother was a busy guy because he had to walk my grandmother, mother, and he was a groomsman as well. 

Bobby's mom was beaming when he walked her down and their hug at the end is one of my favorite moments that the photographer captured.

Next up was Bobby and his dad (who also officiated our wedding).  His dad is the head pastor at our church, so it was really cool to have him do the wedding as well.  It made it so personal and meaningful!  Oh and they look NOTHING alike!!

A quick bouquet high five and it was go time for the girls too!  I can't say enough good things about our bridal party.  They were all so fun and awesome throughout the whole engagement.  It is also nice to get married when you are a little older.  You end up with bridesmaids and groomsmen who have truly been there for you and are life long friends!

We had the best day and the best weather for all of our wedding photos.  It also ended up being a clear night which meant that the view through the windows at the venue was great!  The KC skyline in the background is part of why we chose this venue.

It looked really cool as the sun was setting too.

This picture of Bobby's dad blessing our marriage after we exchange rings is another one of my favorites!

My dad is a fairly quiet guy-we always joke that it is because he can't get a word in with our loud family.  I was so happy that he got to have the limelight to welcome everyone and thank everyone for coming with his wit and fun sense of humor.

After a quick blessing and some food, it was time to get the party started!

We started with cutting the cake.  I warned Bobby that I would not be happy if he got cake on my dress, so he complied and was very sweet.  You can see in my eyes that I am still warning him that there is no funny business allowed and in his eyes that he is still totally considering it!

Next up was our first dance and parent dances.  The photographer got great shots of all of these dances!

Everyone got on the dance floor after the initial dances were done. 

The dance floor stayed pretty packed all night.  Even my grandma got in on it!  She was so cute out there with the little girls!

All in all, it was a fantastic day and if I had it to do again-I wouldn't change anything!

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  1. What a beautiful wedding! A very belated congrats to you and your husband! <3 That cake picture is adorable! <3