Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wedding Recap #3-Wedding Details

I am slacking on getting the wedding recap posts out to you guys on a regular basis.  So far, I have brought to you the rehearsal dinner recap and a recap all about getting ready for the big day.  If you missed these recaps, please check them out here and here.

Let's talk about details today.  We had so many little special touches throughout the wedding.  However, I'll start with the DRESS!!

I loved my dress.  It was fun and modern and totally me.

We added a little sparkle with a fun belt.

I think one of my favorite pictures is this one of me holding the dress and walking.  It shows all of the fun rosette layers.

I told the bridesmaids to pick any long gray flowy dress that they loved.  I think the girls did a fantastic job of picking dress that flattered their shape and went together wonderfully!

Luckily, my mom is a flower genius!  We saved a ton because she did all of the flowers herself (with a tiny bit of help from my sister, mother-in-law and me) with flowers that we purchased at Sam's. 

The boys all wore the same suit with a white shirt and tie that they all picked out.  They had the cutest yellow flower boutineer.  

The big spray for the food table looked awesome and included some silver sparkle.

We also did smaller arrangements for the centerpieces on the tables.  The centerpiece included a sheer gray/silver runner, candles, a charger, flower arrangement, a giant pine cone and a wedding photo or older photo of an influential couple in our families. 

I think the family members enjoyed seeing their pictures around the wedding.

My bouquet was very special.  My mom attached a bow from her wedding dress and the buttons from my grandmothers dress to the stems.  It was so special and was also my something old.

Another beautiful area was our cake table.  Bobby's cousin made both of the cakes and they turned out amazing!  We also had special wine glasses that say Cheers to Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After and forks that were an engagement gift.

We skipped the programs and opted to have the wedding party made into a big poster that was framed on the registration table.  Also on the registration table was a remembrance candle, small flower arrangement, and our guest book was a photo album of our engagement pictures with blank pages for people to sign.  It was really fun because people had more space than just a line, so they wrote us little notes of well wishes.

I know it is very on trend to do a candy table as a favor for weddings, but we decided to bring a little bit of my hometown into our wedding by doing a popcorn table.  I ordered several fun flavors (Jalapeno Cheddar, Amarillo Blend, Kansas City Blend, Cheesecake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch) from Groovy Pop in Amarillo.  They were so great to work with.  They ensured it was delivered as fresh as possible and even threw in a few extra bags.  The popcorn was a hit!  It was all gone by the end of the night!

Last but not least are my reception shoes.  I had custom tennis shoes made with Nike ID and changed into them right after the ceremony.  It made it easy to dance the night away, go to the after party and make it back to the hotel with no blisters or sore feet!

All of the little details came together exactly like I had envisioned.  I love looking back at all of the fun pictures!

Married peeps-what was your favorite wedding detail from your wedding?
Single/in a relationship peeps-what is your favorite detail to see at weddings?


  1. Wow Leslie - I think this is one of my favorite posts of yours - all the beautiful details from your wedding are just amazing. I loooooove your dress. How much planning/time went into finding "the" dress? Or did you see this one and just know?

    I liked so many other photos: the one of all the bridesmaids dresses (you used a smart strategy) and the running shoes in particular are up there as some of my top picks...

    1. Thank you! I did go a little photo crazy on this one. :)

      My parents actually surprised me at Thanksgiving last year (right after I got engaged) with a trip to David's bridal. It was the only time that all of the ladies in my family would be together before the wedding. It was so special to go with my mom, sister, aunt, cousin, grandma, sister in law, and good friend. I didn't have any dresses picked out...they had all chosen a couple. I ended up choosing my mom's pick.

  2. The dress!! Wow. Absolutely beautiful.
    I just love everything about this! The cake, the popcorn bar (such an awesome idea!), the shoes- love it! Looks like it was a beautiful, memorable wedding.

    1. Thank you! We had such a blast!! The shoes were a life saver and let me party the night away pain free. :)

  3. LOVE those shoes!!!! And everything else. ;) I love your dress! And the gray bridesmaids dresses...and the colors of the flowers...and the popcorn...