Tuesday, January 13, 2015


It has been a couple of months since my very first Currently post.  Since we are in a new year, I thought I would check in.  So what have I been up to??

I am currently:
Reading...The Husband's Secret -It is a fascinating read about a group of women and the men in their lives.  Each character has such a great personality and there is enough humor to bring levity to some very serious stories.  In my opinion, it is a must read if you like "chick lit". 

I'm also reading Sole Sisters when I am in the mood for shorter stories.  It is stories of inspiring women runners.  They are all different and inspiring in their own way!

Watching...The Bachelor-I have to admit it.  I'm watching...again!!  The girls are hilarious and Farmer Chris is hot...so I got sucked into ANOTHER season!!

Eating...I have been cleaning up my eating a little.  I got a veggie spiralizer for Christmas, so zucchini noodle recipes have been fun to test out.  I also started my Cookbook Challenge last weekend.  It was really fun to look through cookbooks and pick out a recipe to try!

Working out...I started the #SweatPink #NoExcuses challenge on Monday.  It has been a fun way to mix things up!  Monday-30 second planks, Tuesday-get out and run a mile, Wednesday-10 burpees, Thursday-20 squats, Friday-free Friday, Saturday-share a healthy snack or recipe. 

I also tried out a new gym called Snap Fitness. It's a great concept.  Super simple-a person only works from 2-7 Monday through Friday and a few hours on Saturday. You pay for a key card to access the gym anytime that you want. Since it is key access, you can go 24/7. It's no frills and very low key. 

What have you been up to...currently?

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