Thursday, January 29, 2015

Eating and Running

I have been doing a lot of eating and running this week.

We met Bobby's cousins for dinner on Tuesday. We went to an Indian restaurant called Touch of Asia. I was a big fan! I ordered tandoori (which just means cooked in an oven-clay in this case) to keep it a little lighter and I obviously tried other people's food. Everything was great!  **Thanks Billy for taking the photos!**

After dinner, Bobby and I sat on the porch by the fire, had a drink, and talked over some big decisions. I recently accepted a manager position at work and he was offered a new job as well. His is a fitness equipment sales rep. It is a great opportunity, but it is also scary to go to a commission based job!  Wine and fires help in decision making!!

Porter wanted in on the fire action too!

I tried a new recipe on Wednesday night. Anne posted this recipe for Almond Crusted Tilapia. It sounded delicious so I tried it out. It delivers on flavor and filling you up! The hubs even liked it and he is not a huge fish fan!!

Oh yeah-the running part... I started half marathon training this week. I am out of shape and slow, but extremely happy to be outside running!! I ran 5 miles on Monday, 3 on Tuesday and 4 on Wednesday. I also play indoor volleyball on Wednesday and could definitely feel the 4 miles that I had just run!!

Whew-we are all caught up on the week now!  What's new in your life right now?

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  1. Great to see that you're continuing with the cookbook challenge and trying new recipes! And how awesome is it that you and Bobby discussed your career changes together before moving forward!

    What's new? Hmmm I'm trying to ease back into Paleo eating but I have to say I love my dark chocolate...