Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#WIAW Favorite Cookbooks

I shared my Cookbook Challenge with you guys a few weeks ago.  So far, I have made one recipe and will be making another on Friday.  That is 2 in one month!!  Hooray for hitting goals (and cutting it super close for January)!!  I decided to linkup with Jenn and share some of my favorite cookbooks for What I Ate Wednesday.  Head over to Peas and Crayons to see what others are eating!

My absolute favorite cookbooks are actually family cookbooks.  My mom made this adorable book for all of the grand kids for Christmas once everyone was in college.  It encompasses recipes from my grandma, her sister and all of their children.  It is a great mix of recipes and some fun family photos!

My other grandma kept meticulous cookbooks with menus and recipes.  She passed a couple of years ago and that is when we found the binders.  It is a great way to keep her close and honor her memory.  Plus, it is so fun to make things that she made for the holidays!!

You southerners know all about this kind of cookbook-the church cookbook.  All of the ladies (and some men) of the church submit recipes and they are combined into a big cookbook.  We sold them in middle school and high school and the proceeds helped send us on choir tour that year (yes, I was a Love Singer and I'm totally proud of it!).  These recipes are so fun and remind me of home!  

Now for some healthier options!!  Ellie Krieger has fantastic recipes.  They are healthy and so easy!  I can always find something to make in her cookbook!  I also have a quick and easy Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  I have only flipped through this one, but there are some fun options.  

For the more adventurous-I bought the first Top Chef cookbook that was distributed.  I have only made one or two things from it, but the recipes sound soooooo delicious!  These recipes are more time consuming and would be great as a date night!

Do you have any family cookbooks?

What is your favorite cookbook recipe?


  1. i WISH my grandma would make a cookbook with all of her italian recipes in it! for now, my favorite cookbook is veganomicon; so many i want to make from there!

    1. Grandma's make the best food! You should definitely try to write down some of your faves. It is so nice to have now!

  2. I wish my grandma had had a cookbook! :[ I miss the dishes she made so much, and no matter what I do to try to recreate em', they never end up tasting the same!

    1. Even when I have the recipes, they are not as good as my grandma made! I think it is love and bacon grease! :)