Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Treat Yourself Tuesday #44

I hope everyone is having a great start to your week.  Mine has been pretty great!  Bonus-it is Treat Yourself Tuesday!!  I started thinking about this post and I couldn't think of any treats.  I think I have been in a rut and have been missing the little daily treats.  The point of this weekly linkup is to remember to be thankful and to treat yourself in even the smallest ways!  For more details on Treat Yourself Tuesday, pop over to Becky's blog for the linkup.
I tried to focus on some of the smaller treats this week and remember to be more thankful in my day to day life!  Thank you Becky for the weekly reminder!!
I finished The Husband's Secret on Sunday night.  It was an interesting mix of predictability and surprise.  The characters felt real and the raw emotions jumped off of the pages.  It is more of a quick summer read, but I enjoyed reading it in the winter anyway!  If you're looking for an easy read, it is a great one.

One of the girls that met up with us in Colorado runs the Denver Institute of Plastic Surgery.  For those of you in the Denver area-check Tarrah out-she also offers nutrition coaching and personal training services.  She recommended this new (to me) eye cream.  I started using it this week...I'm hoping it will reduce some of my eye wrinkles.

Our basement flood meant that I needed to work from home on Monday.  The floor treatment people came out to check the fans.  The very loud fans that are still running, but I digress!  I'm thankful that my work schedule allows me the flexibility to work from home if necessary.  Plus, I have the cutest little secretary!

Movie night! A friend of mine bought This Is Where I Leave You and let us borrow it Bobby and Porter and I snuggled up on the the couch and watched.  It is a good mix of serious and funny.  We really enjoyed the dry humor and touching family story!

Running- is it really January?!?! This weather is amazing! ($1 in the amazing jar for all of you Bachelor fans :))  I didn't get to run on Saturday, so I tried to make up for it by running 5 miles on Monday.  It is supposed to be nice today and tomorrow as well.  Warm and gorgeous outside runs for 3 days in a row in the winter...yes please!!

How have you treated yourself this week?


  1. I'm so jealous of your weather! Even when it has been "warmer" here lately, those days tend to be bleak and windy. But we're not getting a ton of snow either, so we can't even enjoy that. It's just been frigid cold and gross. :(

    1. Cold and gross is the worst! At least the snow can be pretty!!

  2. Ohhh I'm jealous of your weather too! We're stuck in a blizzard here so a little bit different than 60 and sunny! I loved The Husband's Secret! Nice Bachelor reference :)
    How'd I treat myself... hmm... I'm thinking of treating myself with a hot bubble bath in a little while with all the shoveling we've been doing here it will feel extra good!

    1. I'm loving the warm weather! It is supposed to be 70 tomorrow...I can't believe it! I know our time is coming though. I'm sure February will be terrible. I'm glad you liked my Bachelore reference. :)

      Bubble bath will be an excellent treat! Shoveling is hard work!

  3. Your week was FULL of treats! I like little treats much more than the big ones anyways :)...... Unless it is like a vacay to Fiji or something, LOL.