Monday, March 16, 2015

Bachelorette Party in OKC

One of my best friends since elementary school is getting married this year. We met in Oklahoma City to celebrate her bachelorette party this weekend. It was a great time!!

We decorated the room with a few essentials...snacks, games, balloons, champagne...

Cheer!  It's always great to start with a champagne toast!!

I ordered these adorable glasses for everyone off of etsy. I loved how they came out. 

One of the other girls couldn't make it, but sent recovery kits. Advil, sunglasses, face wipes, eos Chapstick, and more. They were so cute! (Don't mind the selfie stick. I couldn't get it out of the shot.)

Speaking of shots, one of the game was Jell-O shots! I emailed her fiancĂ© with a few questions and made a cute little book. If she got it right, then we all took a Jell-O shot. If she got it wrong, then she took one. I got the idea/inspiration from Julie at PB Fingers.  

Next up was the lingerie shower. How cute are these embroidered panties??

We went for a sushi dinner and then out to a chill bar on night one. Everyone had traveled all day, so it was nice to relax!

There was a St Pattys parade nearby. So we checked it out for a little bit on Saturday morning. 

Followed by lunch and some green beers. You must drink green beer at St Pattys festivities!

Next up, Pinots Palette. Our class was really fun. Lots of music, a fun instructor, and bottomless mimosas!!  My elephant looks old, but I like him. 

We went to a nice dinner and out dancing on Saturday night. 

All in all, it was a great weekend!! I can't wait to celebrate with them later this summer!!


  1. That is so awesome that you have someone from elementary school that you are still in touch with. (I guess it's not that abnormal - only for people like military brats like me, who moved every 2-3 years). I think it's also great that you support people on Etsy - such a great thing to support mom & pop / individual entrepreneurs!!

    1. Love etsy!! I ordered a ton of wedding items too. :)