Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is back. We have 22 girls on our team this session. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious!! I have written about how much I love the program a few times.  If you are interested in volunteering or for other ways to support your local GOtR teams, please checkout the Girls on the Run site.

I can't wait for Thursday when we actually get to run some. 

Speaking of running, I ordered these new shoes for this running season.

I am supposed to run 8 miles this weekend, so hopefully my shoes arrive in time to take them for a spin a few times before Saturday's run. I like to try a couple of shorter runs before a long run when I get new shoes. It helps to break them in a little and to ensure the fit and style work for me. 

How do you test/break in new shoes?


  1. Leslie, I think it is so great that you are going to do Girls on the Run for another season (season? are they seasons?). Your new shoes looks so cute. I haven't gotten new running in shoes in about two years, so I can't wait until I am back at running and can justify getting a new pair.

    I've almost always bought my running shoes from a running store who's return policy will allow me to run in the shoes for up to 90 days and I can return them if the fit isn't good. The first few pairs I owned were the wrong kind of shoe for me (I didn't know this until after I got fit for the right kind of running shoe for my body type and running gait).

    1. Season works. There is one in spring and one in let's go with it!! 90 days is a great amount of time to make sure shoes work!!

  2. I coached Girl's On the Run at my school a few years ago and the girls LOVED it!!

    Love those shoes!! I'm up for a new pair and I haven't decided what I want yet...thinking of trying something new!

    1. I switched from Asics to Mizunos to Brooks...I'm a mess!! :) I have stuck with Brooks for my last 3 pairs though.