Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday To Do did I do?

I made this to do list in November.  Mostly to make sure that I took full advantage of the holiday season.  Linking up with Heather, Katie, and Clare for Friday Favorites since Christmas is by far my favorite!!  So, how did I do on my Holiday To Do List??  Let's check in.

#1-We did send out Christmas Cards.  I think they turned out so cute!!

Although, I would have happily sent this out 

#2-Put up decorations.  Check!!  I did this pretty early.  I'm one of those people who will decorate before Thanksgiving if given the chance. 

#3-Create a Christmas Craft.  Wine cork snowmen...easy and adorable!

#4-Shop for everyone on your list.  We did this and more.  I went a little overboard this year with presents.  I just kept finding things that I thought would be perfect for people that I love.

#5-Watch Elf and Christmas Vacation.  I have watched both of these twice.  Once during December and then again on Christmas Eve.

#6-Bake Goodies and Share Them.  Technically I cheated on this one.  A friend of mine made the red velvet cake and I just coated it in milk chocolate.  I did share them though!!

#7-Build a Gingerbread House.  Technically I am doing this tonight.  I bought a Gingerbread Train set from World Market to make with my MIL and SIL.

#8-Donate toys to children in need.  I didn't do toys this year, but I did donate several meals to families in need and makeup/hand cream to a battered women's shelter.  One of my friends sells Mary Kay and she had the great idea to give back to the moms as well as the kids at the shelter.  I was happy to help by donating!

#9-Holiday Manicure.  I loved the gold with red accents that I had done this year.  

#10-Wrap presents.  Oh boy did I wrap present this year!  Bobby's family has a tradition to wrap everything I noted in #4-this let to a lot of presents to wrap!!

#11-Build a snowman.  Fail.  We haven't had enough snow to accomplish this yet!

#12-Try a new holiday beverage.  This year, I tried the eggnog latte at Starbucks for the first time.  I read about it on Julie's blog and had to try it!

I'll take 11 out of 12 on the list!  What was on your holiday to do list?  


  1. That gingerbread train set is so cute! I like that it's unique and not just like all the other houses. And the way you did donations this year is creative--my mother and I usually do a shoebox full of things for a child every year to donate to a drive. Merry late Christmas!

    1. The train set was fun and really easy! Merry Christmas!

  2. Ahhh! The dog is so adorable! <3 Looks like you did a really good job finishing off most of the list! I love the train set! :P

  3. Your Christmas cards are so cute! And I LOVE the one with the pup. <3 Looks like you did a great job at the list, I enjoy making those too. Thanks for linking up, enjoy the holiday weekend! xo

  4. High five on getting so much of your list done! Maybe next year I won't wait until the last minute to do my Christmas shopping and will make time for more festive things instead of just trying to get through the holidays without dropping dead from exhaustion. :-)

    PS Lovely Xmas cards! And I love the pic of your dog!

  5. Wow Leslie, that is pretty amazing to hit 11 out of 12 goals! Your holiday cards are gorgeous. I love those wedding photos you included.

    My big goal for the holidays was to get Christmas cards out early. I ordered them before Thanksgiving, and would have gotten them out first week of December if it hadn't been for Baby O arriving four weeks early.