Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year End Review

2014 was an awesome year!  I feel like there were so many highlights!!  Since it is officially 2015 and I am probably recovering today from a little too much champagne last night, I decided to schedule a fun recap post today. 

Let's break down 2014, shall we?

Favorite Post: I was still getting the hang of the whole blogging thing, so my posts were pretty bad.  I did come up with a pretty Killer Pyramid Workout though. 
Favorite Things: January was all about trying new food.  Kansas City Restaurant Week is in January each year, so it is a great time to gather with friends and enjoy some new (to me) restaurants!!

Favorite Post:  I started linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday!!  My fave from February is my second #TYT included one of my favorites from our engagement shoot.
Favorite Things: Engagement Photos are at the top of the list for February!

Favorite Post: I did a post about the great things in KC...restaurants, places to see, all of our sports teams.  
Favorite Things:  VEGAS Baby!  I went to Vegas for a fun girls weekend.  We had a blast...March Madness and all things gambling made for a fantastic time!

Favorite Post: I created a mini herb garden.  I was so proud of myself and all of the herbs actually lived until winter!!!
Favorite Things: I ran a couple of races in April.  One is called Brew to Brew and it is a relay from Kansas City to Lawrence.  It is really fun!!  I also did my spring half marathon-recap here.  It was not pretty!  My other favorite is that I got to go to Texas to see my family for Easter.  That is always a fun treat for me!

Favorite Post: Top Fitness Trends-this was a fun post.  I checked out some of the hottest fitness trends (according to US News). 
Favorite Things:  One of the highlights from May was seeing Chelsea Handler.  She is hilarious in person!  Her show was a great time!!

June: Aka-my birthday month!!!
Favorite Post: My favorite post is totally selfish on this month.  It was a 5K PR and my birthday brunch.  I had so much fun at both of those events!! 
Favorite Things: Porter also shares my birthday month.  We celebrated his first birthday with a little party!

My parents also came to visit at the end of June.  I always love when they come stay with us!!  How can you not love these 2 crazy kids??

Favorite Post: I had a lot of fun putting together this great backyard workout!  Porter ran back and forth with me, so it was a great workout for him too!  I also talked a little about how I was cutting back on running.  Sometimes cross training is just what the doctor ordered to get your running mojo back!
Favorite Things: July 4th is always one of my favorite holidays.  It is so nice to relax out on a lake with friends!!  And I LOVE fireworks!!

Favorite Post: I got my first Stitch Fix in August and did a review.  It is so addicting!!  I love having fun clothes delivered to my door!!
Favorite Things:  My bachelorette party weekend and shower were in August.  It was a blast!!  We did a big dinner and night out on Friday, pool party and private chef dinner on Saturday and the bridal shower on Sunday.  It was one big, crazy fun weekend!!

Favorite Post: I participated in a September Blogging Challenge.  I really enjoyed some of the fun post ideas.  My favorite was this Thankful Thursday post.  All of my favorites in one place!
Favorite Things:  September took me to San Antonio to celebrate my brother's (then) fiance.  I arrived early and got to walk around and enjoy the city.  Then we all met up for a fun filled weekend!!

October: Aka-wedding month!!!
Favorite Post: I was very fortunate to be able to attend the Blog Well Summit this year.  It was a free blogging summit led by Girls Gone Sporty.  I did a recap of some of what I learned.
Favorite Things: Getting married was obviously my favorite thing!!  You can read the recaps here and here and here and here.  :)

October also brought about another big announcement for my family.  My sister is having a baby!!  Yippeeeeeee!!

Favorite Post and Favorite Things: Some of the most popular posts from November were my honeymoon reviews.  Puerto Rico has amazing food and beaches.  We had such a blast!!!

Favorite Post: I did a series of gifts for him, her, and the fitness fanatic.  I think the gifts will be great to give throughout the year and not just at Christmas!!!
Favorite Things:  My brother got married in early December and that was a HUGE highlight.  We love his wife and their wedding was absolutely beautiful!!  I love my family and can't wait to meet my future niece or nephew!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year's Eve!!

What are your highlights from 2014??

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  1. What a fun celebration of the year! I liked all your photos, too! I think you need to add a menu item linking to a page featuring some of your favorite wedding & honeymoon photos. I cannot get enough...